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Great Videos from Ordinary Businesses - BrewDog

You want your website landing page to convert prospects into customers in bucket loads, but is your bucket a kid’s seaside holiday bucket or a one-gallon milk pail?

You want your landing page to be as effective as possible and according to Unbounce, a leader in landing page marketing, “using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%”. So why is video an under used tool, especially by small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. In my experience business people think it’s too expensive, too difficult and most often of all, they don’t want to get in front of the camera.  
To be honest, I hate networking and social events because I am quite shy but I know I have to do it to grow my business. It is the same when it comes to using a marketing tool like video, get over your embarrassment, forget what you think you look or sound like and just do it. With that in mind, we examine what happens when a couple of brewers get out from behind their kegs and step in front of the camera.

Live …

Great Videos from Ordinary Businesses - Modcloth Presents: NYC street life

Would you like your website users to spend more time on your pages? According to Forbes average internet users spends 88% more time on websites that include video. So obviously you are using video on your site! Now let’s see how other businesses are using video.
Last week we started a ten-week series about how ordinary businesses are using video. One important feature adopted by firms who have successfully embraced online video is to reject the temptation to sell in their videos for the simple reason that viewers will click away. Instead they have to be more creative in their use of video. That’s not to say you have to come up with the most creative executions when it comes to making your own videos, you just need to give your viewers what they want or make your content relevant.

Modcloth presents: NYC street style
In the second of the series we look Modcloth, a fashion retailer in New York City.

The sound isn’t always perfect in the video and I’ve seen better …

Great Videos from Ordinary Businesses - Seriously strong cheddar

Do you promote your business with video? If you do, you will have probably heard that 7 out of 10 marketing professionals say video converts better that any other medium*. But how are businesses using video in their marketing? Each week, for the next ten weeks, I want to share a business video with you and look at how those businesses use the medium. How, perhaps, they could have done better and the key takeaway that you could use in your own videos.
What makes all of the videos really good is that they don’t try to overtly sell to the viewer. The businesses have understood that most people are not in buying mode when they are using social media (yes, YouTube is a social media platform, just like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the others). Viewers are there to be entertained or to research a topic or seek information on a future purchase. Remember, you don’t like being sold to so why do you think your potential customers are any different. Effective videos don’t take the hard sell ap…

Great Features For Video Creators On iPhone 7

My first reaction to the launch of the iPhone 7 was anger that Apple had removed the 3.5mm headphone jack. Two days on I’m still not convinced it’s the right move for users but I’ll admit the phone seems to offer the vlogger or video maker some great features.
A lot of the initial reports have been about the dual lens system on the iPhone 7, in fact that only applies to the iPhone 7 Plus. The smaller iPhone 7 is only equipped with the wide angle f1.8 lens. Both versions being able to shoot 1080p footage at 30 and 60 fps.
If you missed the iPhone 7's launch in San Francisco here's the BBC report of the event.

Both versions of the phone seem to offer plenty to today’s video creator, although we will have to wait until 16th September 2016 before we can get hands-on with the phone. Until then here’s what Apple say we are going to get.

Better low light performance Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have a new 12-megapixel wide angle 28mm f/1.8 six element lens. According to Apple this …

The Best iPhone 7 Video Microphone Blog Post

Apple Scrap 3.5mm headphone socket on iPhone 7So Apple have abandoned the 3.5mm headphone socket on the iPhone 7. Well who wants that pesky little socket when all it’s doing is taking up valuable space! Well, I do actually! Yes, the 3.5mm jack maybe 50-year-old technology but it is darn useful technology that allows me to plug in a set of headphones or microphone into my iPhone.
If you’re interest, the 3.5mm jack was a development of it’s even older big brother, the 100-year-old ¼ inch PO jack. It dates back to the days when you couldn’t dial a number from your phone. In those early days you lifted the receiver and asked the telephone operator to connect you to, say, “Hollywood 639”.

Anyway, back to why I think ditching the 3.5mm jack is a bad move.

For a start, the Lightning connector is proprietary technology that Apple will only share with other manufactures provided they pay a licensing fee. The technology will make accessories more expensive than if they continued to use the industr…