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You want your website landing page to convert prospects into customers in bucket loads, but is your bucket a kid’s seaside holiday bucket or a one-gallon milk pail?

You want your landing page to be as effective as possible and according to Unbounce, a leader in landing page marketing, “using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%”. So why is video an under used tool, especially by small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. In my experience business people think it’s too expensive, too difficult and most often of all, they don’t want to get in front of the camera.  

To be honest, I hate networking and social events because I am quite shy but I know I have to do it to grow my business. It is the same when it comes to using a marketing tool like video, get over your embarrassment, forget what you think you look or sound like and just do it. With that in mind, we examine what happens when a couple of brewers get out from behind their kegs and step in front of the camera.

Live Beer by BrewDog

In the third in the series we look at Live Beer by Drewdog, a company from the northeast of Scotland whose marketing and company ethos is as refreshing as their beer.

I am these guys! Actually I’m not but I wish I was. They’re not professional presenters but they are the guys from the brewery who live and breathe their business and product.
They hate the big mega corporations and they love making something special to share with others. They’ve even “open-sourced” their beer recipes; go to their website and you can download their recipe archive and make their beer in your own kitchen.
These guys experimented with their beer recipes for 2 years before going commercial in Fraserburgh (Scotland). Their business quickly grew and they moved the BrewDog headquarters to nearby Ellon, an Aberdeenshire town very familiar to me since I lived nearby for about ten years.

Their primary goal isn’t to become multi-billionaires, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they achieve it, but to share their passion. As their T-shirts say, “We bleed Craft Beer”. They are a couple of good guys with shovel loads of passion and a love of making good beer – that’s something their customers can identify with. You do not care that they are not top-notch when it comes to video presentation, they are as authentic and honest and the product they make and sell. That’s a lesson many business owners can learn. You don’t have to be perfect in front of the camera, you just need to show that you believe in and love your business, product or service. After all, if you do not, why should a potential customer?

Most of the video is in black and white, that, without having say it out aloud, articulates a feeling that they are reaching back to when small brewers made great real beer that is neither sterilised, homogenised nor any other kind of “-ised”. BrewDog Live Beer is real ale for modernists and their video conveys that message very well.

As their YouTube channel says, “Love hops and live the dream”, so pass over a BrewDog Live Beer and cheers!

Key takeaway from this video

This video uses the video technique of “piece-to-camera”, a technique used daily on news, magazine and talk shows.

Despite being called “piece-to-camera” the BrewDogs are not talking to the camera but instead talking through it to communicate directly with the viewer. Note that I say “viewer” and not “audience”, that is an important distinction. Video allows you to communicate one-on-one with the viewer, even though there may be hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands in total.

As a business you communicate and sell to individuals and you should recognise that when making your own videos. It will help you build a relationship with your viewer, for them to like you and ultimately to become a customer.

When I started in broadcasting I was taught to try and have a conversation with the listener on the other side of the microphone or viewer behind the camera. If necessary, I was to imagine I was talking to my Mum or best friend. That advice is just as appropriate for anyone making their own business video. Do not sound as if you are reading a script, instead make it sound like you are having a conversation. Essentially you need to sound sincere, and as American actor George Burns once joked, “sincerity - if you can fake that, you've got it made.”

Next week’s video

Next week we look at a simple how-to video guide to buying used cars created by a solo video maker. Not only has his video been viewed 800,000 times but it has also played its part in helping to build a YouTube channel with over 1.1 million subscribers. The video style is one YOU could easily replicate and apply to your own area of expertise.

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