Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Why Ladder Grips Are The Best New Ladder Safety Accessories

Ladder Grips safety device
If you have ever climbed a ladder you will know that it can be an unsettling experience and sometimes downright dangerous. So it is good to find ladder safety accessories and devices that work, are easy to use and are NOT one of those use once and put away and forget gizmos.

A Scottish company has developed and patented a new ladder safety accessory called Ladder Grips, which will soon to be available direct from their website

You can watch LadderGrips' new corporate video here.

Bobby Park, Inventor
I met Bobby Park, the inventor, who told me about his ladder safety devices and even took me to the Ayrshire factory where Ladder Grips are being manufactured. Bobby told me that Ladder Grips are a unique new ladder safety accessory for the workplace and home and that, size for size, no other ladder safety devices or accessories provide the level of safety or versatility. The key feature of Ladder Grips that make it so powerful in improving ladder safety is the formulation of the rubber pad. Bobby went through several prototypes until finding the perfect rubber for his ladder grips.

Ladder Grips parts laser cut from 2.5mm steel

The Ladder Grips are manufactured from welded 2.5mm steel with a powder coating and non-ferrous fittings to maximize strength and durability. The special natural rubber ladder pads are fixed to the steel and provide the grip necessary to keep the ladder stable.

One of the unique features of Ladder Grips is in the approach Bobby has taken to improve ladder stability by upto 350%. Most ladder safety devices concentrate on trying to fix the ladder feet whereas Ladder Grips aim to fix the top of the ladder. If the top is made immobile the feet are unlikely to move. To illustrate this Bobby prepared a demonstration to illustrate how the friction between the rubber pads and the working surface secure the ladder. Although you must always secure your ladder feet, and NOT replicate Bobby’s demonstration, he put his ladder feet on a castor-board that was free to move on the concrete ground surface. Climbing up the ladder and even bouncing on the ladder did not make the ladder slip, demonstrating the success of the concept that ladder stability can be improved by fixing the top of the ladder.

Ladder Grips independently attach to the ladder stiles
Ladder Grips can be attached to all box section ladders, transforming almost any ladder into a much safer working platform. They are clamped anywhere along the ladder stiles, or legs, and secured by tightening the thumb screw. Because the grips can be independently positioned and clamped to the ladder stiles you can work more safely on sloping surfaces, such as a gable end.

Staggered fitting for awkward surfaces
Normally the poor contact of the ladder would allow even a moderate gust of wind to blow your ladder off its landing. But by off-set clamping of the Ladder Grips your ladder maintains full and secure contact with the working surface. The 14,000mm2 of natural rubber pads can be locked parallel to the ladder stile, or pivoted, providing full contact with the surface for working angles up to 25 degrees.

Gripping power for angled ascent
Another one of Bobby’s demonstrations was to set up the ladder at a sideways angle by extending one of the ladder legs. In the image you can see the true vertical indicated by the cable on the side of the house and the hammer hanging vertically from Bobby's work belt. Again you should not do this but the gripping power of his Ladder Grips allowed Bobby to climb the ladder with confidence, even at this ridiculous angle.

Ladder Grips are also small enough to pack away in your tool box once the job is done, or you can leave them on the ladder for storage. Stay secure, stay safe. Get your Ladder Grips today. For more details and pricing visit

WARNING. DO NOT replicate any of the demonstrations in the Ladder Grips video. Ladder grips are NOT intended to help you use a ladder inappropriately. For details of best practice in safe ladder use visit the HSEwebsiteThe HSE have produced a brief guide for Safe use of ladders and stepladders. The Ladder Association also provide guidance and training for proper ladder use.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pink Truck Supports Think Pink Scotland Breast Cancer Charity

Instead of the usual business tips this post is about Newtown Waste Solutions launch of their new Pink Trucks in support of Breast Cancer Charity Think Pink Scotland. Watch the video below or read on for the full story. If you would like to help in the fundraising please contact Newtown Waste Solutions on 01698 250007.

£50,000 target
Newtown Waste Solutions will be holding various fund raisers throughout the year to help raise funds for breast cancer research in Glasgow. The skip hire company is based in Motherwell and is set itself a target of raising £50,000 for Think Pink Scotland’s breast cancer research campaign. In the UK breast cancer is now the most common cancer with about 125 women diagnosed with the disease every day. Increasingly people are becoming aware that men can also fall victim to breast cancer and 300 UK men are diagnosed with the condition every year.

Martin McLindon and Billy Neilson with their team
Martin McLindon and Billy Neilson, co-owners of Newtown Waste Solutions, launched the company’s two Pink Trucks, supplied by MAN Truck and Bus Limited, on 1st September 2015. For the next year or two they will become a familiar sight on the streets of Motherwell and Glasgow.

A stunning pink livery

Newtown Waste's MAN Euro 6 8x4 in the Pink Think Scotland Livery
The trucks have been given an eye-catching pink livery to support Think Pink Scotland’s breast cancer research campaign. The trucks are MAN Euro 6 8x4 with hook lift and a power of 400bhp. Roger Turnbull from MAN Truck and Bus was at the launch to support Newtown Waste Solutions. Roger said he thought, "the truck looked absolutely stunning and that he was certain it would make a big impact on the roads".

Roger Turnbull, Sales Territory Manager, MAN Truck & Bus Ltd

By supporting Think Pink Scotland Newtown Waste Solutions and Skip Hire are helping to fund ground-breaking cancer research in the University of Glasgow’s laboratories. All monies raised will help to bring the best scientific talent to Glasgow and purchase vital new equipment. The ground breaking breast cancer research at the University of Glasgow is advancing our knowledge of breast cancer and is helping to develop new and better breast cancer therapies. It is hoped that the charity fund raising will help lead to breakthrough breast cancer treatments.

Research in Glasgow  
Think Pink Scotland will use the £50,000 raised by the breast cancer campaign to help fund vital research projects, scientists, equipment and technology, and those funds will be spent in Glasgow. By funding research we hope to develop new treatments and more effective treatments for people with breast cancer.

The good thing about Think Pink Scotland is that administration costs and a lot of the other costs are absorbed by Glasgow University so every pound donated to Think Pink Scotland goes to research.

Motherwell FC lend their support

Motherwell FC players attend the press launch of the Pink Trucks

As part of their partnership with Think Pink Scotland Newtown Waste will be holding a variety of fundraising events including a fundraising golf day, an afternoon tea, and also a sportsman’s dinner. And one of the first things Newtown Waste will be doing is a collection at MotherwellFootball Club.

Please help
If you would like to help in our breast cancer campaign contact Newtown Waste Solutions in Motherwell on 01698 250007.

If you would like to link to the video or embed the video it is available from Tosh Lubek YouTube channel.