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5 Great Tips To Improve Your Copywriting Communication Skills

    Today I welcome Charlotte Fleming to my blog. Charlotte is a copywriter from Great Copy , a business based near Forfar in Scotland that provides copywriting and proof reading services for business websites and brochures. I would echo a lot of Charlotte’s advice, although I mostly write for the spoken word in radio & TV commercials and online video while Charlotte writes for the written page. We got together to help with your written communication skills. So here are our five top tips on copywriting for your website, brochure and online marketing newsletter. One . Remember it is written English and not spoken English. Spoken English has developed short cuts to allow people to communicate quickly with friends and colleagues. If you write as you speak it will look very odd on the page and potentially put off or annoy some of your readers. Please remember you are writing copy that is to be read. Two . Remember your audience in your copywriting and that your aim