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Why Ladder Grips Are The Best New Ladder Safety Accessories

Ladder Grips safety device If you have ever climbed a ladder you will know that it can be an unsettling experience and sometimes downright dangerous. So it is good to find ladder safety accessories and devices that work, are easy to use and are NOT one of those  use once and put away and forget  gizmos. A Scottish company has developed and patented a new ladder safety accessory called Ladder Grips, which is available direct from their website . You can watch LadderGrips' new corporate video here. Bobby Park, Inventor I met Bobby Park, the inventor, who told me about his ladder safety devices and even took me to the Ayrshire factory where Ladder Grips are being manufactured. Bobby told me that Ladder Grips are a unique new ladder safety accessory for the workplace and home and that, size for size, no other ladder safety devices or accessories provide the level of safety or versatility. T he key feature of Ladder Grips that make it so

Pink Truck Supports Think Pink Scotland Breast Cancer Charity

Instead of the usual business tips this post is about Newtown Waste Solutions  launch of their new Pink Trucks in support of Breast Cancer Charity Think Pink Scotland . Watch the video below or read on for the full story. If you would like to help in the fundraising please contact Newtown Waste Solutions  on 01698 250007 . £50,000 target Newtown Waste Solutions will be holding various fund raisers throughout the year to help  raise funds for breast cancer research in Glasgow . The skip hire company is based in Motherwell and is set itself a target of raising £50,000 for Think Pink Scotland’s breast cancer research campaign. In the UK breast cancer is now the most common cancer with about 125 women diagnosed with the disease every day. Increasingly people are becoming aware that men can also fall victim to breast cancer and 300 UK men are diagnosed with the condition every year. Martin McLindon and Billy Neilson with their team Martin McLindon and Billy Neilson,