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How To Improve Your Public Speaking

Today I am bringing together three contributors who have provided their 5TopTips on Public Speaking, a presentation or talk. They are JillSimpson of DEVA Training , Eugene Clark from People Growth and Erick Rainey of Rainworks .  If you are new to public speaking a few nerves before you do your presentation can be useful to keep you focused but do not let your nerves get the better of you. The best way to overcome the anxiety is to prepare in advance. Do not leave it to the last minute, you are doing yourself and your audience a disservice. Being well prepared will boost your confidence, calm your nerves and make your talk far more enjoyable for both you and your audience. It’s all in the preparation Your preparation should be like an iceberg. You only see a tiny part of the iceberg, the rest is hidden below sea level, and what you say in your talk is like that tiny part while your preparation is that huge unseen part. For every minute you speak you

5 Great Tips To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Today I have invited Jill Simpson from DEVA Training in Kilmarnock Scotland to share her 5 Top Tips on Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking Tips. There are only a few certainties in life and taxes are probably way up there at the top of the list but not far behind must be the realisation that at some point in business you will have to present something. It could be that you will need to convey your ideas to colleagues in a management meeting, present your business plan to your bank or a potential investor, or pitch for new business. Whatever the situation h ere are Jill’s 5 Top Tips to help make your presentation fly. Tip One. Preparation is everything. Don’t leave it to the night before because come the presentation you’ll neither do yourself nor your business justice. If you were an actor, singer or band you wouldn’t go stage unprepared:   that way madness lies. Structure your talk well, and practise it out loud – to the dog, if you must – but preferably to