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Making a DIY Dead Cat

Have you ever wondered how professional filmmakers and TV crews can film out of doors and get really good audio, but when you show a video on your camcorder or smartphone even the lightest of breezes spoils the sound? Wind noise in outdoor recordings really sucks. That constant thumping of the wind against the microphone is at least distracting, at worse it makes listening really hard to do. Fortunately, there is a way to protect a microphone from wind noise. It's called a dead cat. You can find many examples on eBay and Amazon but it's also easy to make one yourself, both cheaply and quickly. You can find videos on YouTube that show you how and there are a number of blog articles that not only explain what these dead cats do and how they do it, there are some that actually show you how to make your own DIY dead cat . If you don't have the time to make your own dead cat, take a look on Amazon. Here's an example for the very popular Rode VideoMic Pro plu

Filmic Pro Presets

If you have just started using FiLMiC Pro you may not have looked in detail at the FiLMiC Pro presets that you have available by tapping the gearwheel icon. But why would you bother with FiLMiC Pro Presets? Quite simply because they offer quick access to all your regularly used settings. So why does that matter? Quite simply because creating and having a library of presets that you can quickly access will enable you to accelerate your workflow. Not only that, but you'll also be able to take advantage of any video opportunity you come across. DIY Video Studio has an article that lists the FiLMiC Pro presets and settings. Download the FiLMiC Pro apps FiLMiC Pro is available from the AppStore for iOS devices and through iTunes. You can also download FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote as the FiLMiC Pro Camera Kit . The addition of FiLMiC Remote is a great way to use a second device as an external monitor and remote control. A must have for any self shooter using the goo