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5 Great Tips To Write The Best CV

Usually my blog and 5TopTips videos are intended to help businesses however there are exceptions and this post is one of them. The subject of this post is How to write a CV or Curriculum Vitae, so if you need help with CV Writing read on or watch the video. Our expert on writing CVs is Certified Professional CV Writer Magda Tomaszewska from  CV-World  in Stirling so without further ado here are Magda’s 5TopTips. First Impressions Count Make sure you make the most of the headline in your curriculum Vitae. Use it to brand yourself and to convey very specific information about the value you can offer. You are crushing it if a business owner or HR manager will invite you for an interview just after seeing the start of your CV. Do not let it be a wasted opportunity, make that headline count. Does it read well Keep your writing simple, concise and to the point. Avoid cramming in too much information in any one section because the important detail will disappear