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Online Business Success Tips from SEO Expert Mike Berry aka Dynamic Mike

Online Business Success Tips from SEO Expert Mike Berry aka DynamicMike, owner of and   Use Opt-ins to get your visitors contact details   Always have a reason to grab the details of the visitors to your website. Most websites do not have any reason to get those details and that is a wasted opportunity. I can give you a quick example of what I mean. One of my friends was actually paying Google Ads to be found and he was getting 30,000 hits a day but he did not have an opt-in but he was converting one percent of those visitors into sales. So he was getting about 300 sales a day, which he was very delighted with, but that meant he had 29,700 visitors per day who had no idea who they were or how to communicate with them. That was a wasted opportunity. So rather than spending more money with Google Ads he could offer his visitors something that would give them a reason to leave their contact details. That way he could

5 Great Tips To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Today I have invited Jill Simpson from DEVA Training in Kilmarnock Scotland to share her 5 Top Tips on Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking Tips. There are only a few certainties in life and taxes are probably way up there at the top of the list but not far behind must be the realisation that at some point in business you will have to present something. It could be that you will need to convey your ideas to colleagues in a management meeting, present your business plan to your bank or a potential investor, or pitch for new business. Whatever the situation h ere are Jill’s 5 Top Tips to help make your presentation fly. Tip One. Preparation is everything. Don’t leave it to the night before because come the presentation you’ll neither do yourself nor your business justice. If you were an actor, singer or band you wouldn’t go stage unprepared:   that way madness lies. Structure your talk well, and practise it out loud – to the dog, if you must – but preferably to

How To Fit The Wabco Compressor Repair Kit From Bagpipingandy

Repair kits for the WABCO Air Suspension Compressor are available for the various models affected. To purchase the kit for your model click the link next to your model in the list below to be taken to the appropriate UK or USA eBay listing. For background info on the kits and fitting instructions scroll further down.  Audi Allroad C5 (2000 to 2005)  -   UK eBay listing      USA eBay listing Audi Allroad C6 (2006 to 2011)  -   UK eBay listing      USA eBay listing Audi A8 / D3 / 4E (2002 to 2010)  -   UK eBay listing      USA eBay listing Audi Q7 (2005 to 2013)  -   UK eBay listing     USA eBay listing BMW X5 / E53 (2000 to 2006)  -   UK eBay listing     USA eBay listing BMW 5 Series / E39 (1997 to 2008)  -   UK eBay listing     USA eBay listing Jaguar XJ (2003 to 2010)  -   UK eBay listing     USA eBay listing Land Rover Discovery 2 (1998 to 2004)  -   UK eBay listing     USA eBay listing Mercedes E Class – w211 (2002 to 2009)  -   UK eBay listing     USA eBay listing Merc

How To Stop Nuisance Calls With The BT Call Blocker BT8500

Wouldn't it be great if you could block all the nuisance calls? You can with the BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker with BT Call Guardian that is  powered by True Call technology. If you are in the UK and want to stop those nuisance calls you can get your through Amazon below but tif you want more details about the BT 8500 read on. If you are in America the CPR Call Blocker is the number one Best Seller on and does an equally good job of blocking Telemarketer Calls, Solicitor Calls, Junk Faxes - Block All Robo Calls. Click Amazon link belowfor more details. Watch my review video of this superb digital cordless phone that saved me from having to talk to 3 or 4 nuisance callers every day. It's based on my real world experience of buying and using the phone. I was not given the phone for review purposes and I am entirely independent of both BT and Amazon (two sources of the phone).    If you would rather read  about the features and operation of the BT 85