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5 Great Tips For Your Best Company Colours

The importance of Colour Colour is more important to your business than you might think. If you get it right you can influence your customers positively but if you get it wrong your business will suffer as you give out the wrong message to the wider world about your brand. The colours you use can significantly influence potential customers when they judge you, your company and your product. Apparently almost 85% of consumers claim the colour was the primary reason why they bought a particular product. In the case of Heinz they made an extra $23m by changing the colour of their ketchup, but more on that later. Colour can also help create the story about your brand. If someone has no prior knowledge of your business the colour and design of your logo will influence their perception of your brand. Changing the colour alone can also change the brand personality. With the importance of colour in mind I spoke to interior designer and colour consultant Jane Chrumka from Harmony Ridg