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How To Increase Your Profit

Today’s post is based on a recent presentation by Duncan Tannahill Managing Director of the Tannahill Partnership and former CEO of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. You can watch an abridged version of the presentation in the video below or keep reading. ProfitBuilder Very often businesses give away profit and opportunity without necessarily being aware of it. If they systemised their business their teams could run the business more effectively and generate larger profits. To achieve this Duncan Tannahill uses a model called ProfitBuilder that looks at Leads , your Conversion Rate , number of Sales , the Average Sale Value , and your Margin . When you multiply all of these separate factors you arrive at your Gross Profit, as you can see in Duncan's graphic below . Now the left hand column is a bit like looking at equations in a maths class so in the right hand column we'll put in some numbers to make it look real. As you can see we have 2000