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Sounds Apps-olutely Relaxing

Over the last year Tosh Lubek Productions has worked with The Sound Tourist to create the audio for a series of apps designed to help people relax and unwind. The apps are all about escapism, dreaming, finding a place of peace and serenity, whenever you feel like it.  Each one captures some of life’s blissful moments, allowing the listener to transport their mind to a beautiful, idyllic place. We helped The Sound Tourist to record an original narrative and create a soundscape that incorporated organic sounds recorded outdoors on location, in places of outstanding beauty, in Ayrshire and Argyll.  The combination of the sounds, narrative and the listeners imagination will give them a very real and pleasant experience. The Sound Tourist , who enjoys the outdoors, said "I’ve carefully chosen the setting for each app, many of the sounds will be familiar to you and so you'll find these safe and comforting, allowing you to build on your own memories and positive experience

Tosh Lubek Productions puts the Roar into Dino Park

Southwest Scotland is booming to the roar of pre-historic beasts at Dino Park, Scotland's newest dinosaur attraction. The leafy labyrinth at Carrutherstown features a walkabout safari trail, a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus plus 13 other dinosaurs. Dino Park recently opened at Hetland Garden Centre and Ayrshire-based Tosh Lubek Productions was given responsibility for creating the sound design for the exhibits as well as the park's online video on their website   Tosh Lubek said, " The sound design brief was to create believable soundscapes while recognizing Dino Park would be a fun attraction. It's pre-historic natural history served up Hollywood adventure style. " Obviously, no one knows exactly what creatures sounded like in the Cretaceous, Jurassic or Triassic periods but children have a clear impression of what dinosaurs should sound like thanks to movies like Jurassic Park plus TV and arena spectaculars like Walking