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Why you need to move to Cards & End Screens

If you're creating video content on YouTube I hope you are taking full advantage of YouTube’s free marketing tools. Of course they don't call them that. They call those tools Cards and End Screens . If you haven't visited YouTube for a while you may not have heard of either End Screens or Cards. But you probably will have heard of Annotations, or at least seen them on videos. But here's the thing, Annotations are NO MORE. Annotations RIP. As of about May of 2017 YouTube Creators haven't been able to create new annotations, nor can they edit existing annotations (with the exception of removing them from videos). Oh no! Annotations were great, at least for Creators, who sadly seldom used annotations in a subtle way. Nonetheless, annotations were useful for Creators. They were a boon; I could use them to link to my website’s landing page or squeeze page. In fact, I could link to multiple websites, although YouTube didn’t really want anyone to know abo

Why Your iPhone 5 and 5C and iPad 4 Won't Work With iOS 11

When Apple updates it’s mobile operating system in the autumn of 2017 to iOS 11, owners of an iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C and iPad 4 will find they have been left behind in the update. This is a result of Apple’s policy to cease support of 32-bit Apps and devices. Since 2013, with the introduction of the Apple A7 processor, Apple’s mobile devices have been using 64-bit processors. The A7 processor was introduced on the iPhone 5S and then used in the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3. So all these devices will be able to update to iOS 11. But if your device has a 32-bit processor, essentially A6X and earlier processors, your device will effectively be consigned to history. This means your old device will remain forever stuck at iOS 10.3.2, with no new security updates. If you still have an iPhone 4 owner, you will know that it refuses to update beyond iOS 7.1.2. Owners of an iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4 will have the same experience, although they will be stuck at iOS 10.3.2.

Funny Bloopers & Outtakes Videos at Highlander Glasgow Shoot

Funny Bloopers and Outtakes Videos We have been filming at Highlander International  Paper Recycling in Glasgow for around two years and naturally, some shots just go wrong. Rather than delete them we decided to share them with you. So sit back, hit play, and and enjoy some f unny bloopers & outtakes videos courtesy of Highlander. Highlander are based in the central belt of Scotland, on the outskirts of Glasgow and are located in the former premises of Hannay Paper Recyclers. A factory that was custom built to match the needs of a paper recycling operation. Interestingly, the premises were also turned into a TV and video production studio in the noughties, the business being know know as Popmorphic. Unfortunately the video business failed but that was good news for Highlander, who now own the premises and run it as a highly successful paper recycling facility. The funny bloopers video was produced by Tosh Lubek Productions , an Ayrshire and Glasgow video producti

Video Production Ayrshire

Video Production Ayrshire For video production in Ayrshire, Ayrshire, Glasgow, and Lanarkshire call Tosh Lubek Productions on 01292 570823 and ask for Tosh. Alternatively vist the website . Tosh Lubek Productions is an Ayrshire based commercial video production company that recently worked with Jill Simpson from Deva Training from Kilmarnock. Once the videos were completed and uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites Jill offered to record a video testimonial for Tosh Lubek. Jill said, “I did three videos with Tosh as part of the 5TopTips for small business series. I think what might have stopped me had I been  buying the service was not so much a lack of confidence – presenting is, after all my thing – rather my concern that the actual process would be a complicated and expensive one. In fact, that wasn’t the case at all. Tosh came to my office, found a suitable place for me to stand and made the whole thing very simple. The resulting videos looked gr

Why you need to use YouTube Cards and End Screens

YouTube Annotations. They are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. As a viewer you may think they are ugly and often hide the video you want to watch. But if you are a YouTube creator you will know annotations have been one of your best friends. When introduced by YouTube they helped Creators grow their channels by encouraging fans to subscribe, lead them to other related videos, boost comments, likes and shares, Annotation can even facilitate the sale of merchandise. So if Annotations are so good, why is YouTube doing away with them from Tuesday May 2 nd 2017? The big problem for Annotations is that they are old technology that does not work on mobile. Annotations were introduced in 2008 when our e-lives were firmly tied to desktop computers. Mobile networks were relatively slow and streaming HD videos to your phone was a bizarre notion for most people. Almost ten years later everything has moved on. Desktop viewing has been overtaken by mobile and

Why Your YouTube channels Needs 10,000 views for adverts

So you want to make money online and you think an easy way to do that is create video content, upload it to YouTube and monetize it with ads. Well hold on there, the goal posts have just shifted. YouTube has just changed some of its rules about YouTube Partner Program membership. YouTube has introduced changes it hopes will address the concerns of some heavy weight advertisers who recently discovered their adverts had been appearing beside videos that promote hate, extremist views and terrorism. Obviously major brands do not want to be associated with such material but the is a further twist. Some of their advertising budget is being shared with the hate speech creators. Effectively, major advertisers fear they are inadvertently helping to fund and facilitate individuals and organisation whose views are highly divergent from those of their brands. With around 250 companies quitting Google’s ad platforms, estimated by some to be worth about $750m in lost revenues, it i