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Funny Bloopers & Outtakes Videos at Highlander Glasgow Shoot

Funny Bloopers and Outtakes Videos We have been filming at Highlander International  Paper Recycling in Glasgow for around two years and naturally, some shots just go wrong. Rather than delete them we decided to share them with you. So sit back, hit play, and and enjoy some f unny bloopers & outtakes videos courtesy of Highlander. Highlander are based in the central belt of Scotland, on the outskirts of Glasgow and are located in the former premises of Hannay Paper Recyclers. A factory that was custom built to match the needs of a paper recycling operation. Interestingly, the premises were also turned into a TV and video production studio in the noughties, the business being know know as Popmorphic. Unfortunately the video business failed but that was good news for Highlander, who now own the premises and run it as a highly successful paper recycling facility. The funny bloopers video was produced by Tosh Lubek Productions , an Ayrshire and Glasgow video producti

Video Production Ayrshire

Video Production Ayrshire For video production in Ayrshire, Ayrshire, Glasgow, and Lanarkshire call Tosh Lubek Productions on 01292 570823 and ask for Tosh. Alternatively vist the website . Tosh Lubek Productions is an Ayrshire based commercial video production company that recently worked with Jill Simpson from Deva Training from Kilmarnock. Once the videos were completed and uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites Jill offered to record a video testimonial for Tosh Lubek. Jill said, “I did three videos with Tosh as part of the 5TopTips for small business series. I think what might have stopped me had I been  buying the service was not so much a lack of confidence – presenting is, after all my thing – rather my concern that the actual process would be a complicated and expensive one. In fact, that wasn’t the case at all. Tosh came to my office, found a suitable place for me to stand and made the whole thing very simple. The resulting videos looked gr