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5 Great Tips for Your Job Interview

Today I welcome Magda Tomaszewska to my blog. Magda is the owner of CV World in Stirl ing and is a Certified Professional CV Writer and Career Coach. She specialises in guiding people to build careers they really want and deserve. As part of her service Magda provides job interview tips, advises on interview questions and answers and how you should handle those job interview questions. So before you send your next job application listen to Magda’s 5 Top Tips on how to have a successful interview. Tip number one . Present the best of you. Remember the first impression is a lasting impression. Look smart, professional and do something that puts you in a great mood before your interview. Be confident, positive, motivated and smile. Tip number two . Mind your body language. 55 percent of your communication is your body language . Remember to use open gestures, maintain eye contact and build rapport with your interviewer. Come across as someone they would want to work with. T