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Best Royalty Free Music Sites For YouTube Videos

What is the best solution when it comes to music for YouTube videos? If you want to know what you can use, where you can get it and how to get FREE music that won’t get you into trouble on YouTube keep reading. I will explain why you should avoid using your personal music collection, expalin what is  the best alternative and then give you 13 sources of music that are ideal for online use. If you're just looking for the 13 sources of music I suggest you scroll down until you get to that part of the post. Many people think because they have paid for CDs or downloads they can legitimately use their personal music collection on their YouTube videos, which is NOT the case. A personal music collection is exactly that, personal. All they have bought is the right to listen to the music themselves, technically playing their music in an office in ear-shot of several other people would require a performing rights license. Some people would have you believe that under co