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How To Use Retargeting Pixel With Facebook Advertising

If you’ve ever searched for a product on a site like Amazon you will probably have subsequently been followed around the internet with adverts for that product. Congratulations, you've just been retargeted. The process is called retargeting or remarketing, and it is a powerful way to convert searchers into buyers. At the recent Social Media and Marketing Show in Edinburgh, Blue Cliff Media's Gavin Bell explained how any business can use this clever technique to get more sales when they advertise on Facebook. Watch the recording of Gavin Bell's seminar where he takes time to explain how to create and use Facebook retargeting pixel. Briefly the process goes like this. Step 1 Create the Facebook pixel for your website or landing page. You might think because we are talking about a pixel that this will involve creating some kind of graphic. Well that's not the case. The Facebook Pixel is a little bit of Javascript code that you need to place in the header ta