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Great Videos from Ordinary Businesses - Dollar Shave Club Videos

How do you watch internet videos? YouTube say that mobile makes up 40% of global watch-time, and that figure is growing. What is even more interesting is that 92% of mobile viewers share videos with others. Those two figures are important because it means your potential customers do not have to be tied to their home computer to see what you have to offer. They could quite as easily be in the high street and ready to buy.
Also, if you have a video and it excites the viewer there is a good chance they will share it with their friends, and you can’t get better free advertising. This week’s video shows how phenomenal the effect of video sharing can be, both in views and in revenue.

Dollar Shave Club – Our Blades are… Great
In the fifth video in our series we look at a well-made promotional video featuring the co-founder of the company, Mike Dubin.

The Dollar Shave Club video targets the male viewer who is fed up with expensive razors and the need to go out and buy …

Great Videos from Ordinary Businesses - ChrisFix Checklist

Should you really invest in video marketing? Well Forbes says 65% of execs have visited a vendor’s site after watching video and 39% of them have called a vendor after watching a video. The figures sound fantastic but does that mean your business videos need to have high production values (that's video speak for “expensive”)?

Not at all, in fact you can attract viewers using nothing more than your home camcorder or smartphone. That’s exactly what one American YouTuber has done, creating a YouTube channel with How-To videos that attracts millions of views.

How to Inspect a Used Car for Purchase
In the fourth in the series we look at a simple How-To video by ChrisFix, a solo film maker.

This is an unpretentious no fills video but ChrisFix has understood what his audience wants, namely content, and proceeds to give it to them. He wastes no time with a fancy logo reveal at the start, that’s for narcissists and a mark of vanity! Instead Chris tells us straightaw…