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Cartoon Donald Trump and Mr Bean Brought To Life with Adobe Character Animator

Industrial Light & Magic has been at the cutting edge of movie CGI for years and recently they showed off their latest facial capture system to Spencer Kelly, presenter of the BBC's CLICK.

ILM has been using video capture of an actor's facial expressions to help them turn live facial capture into a fully rendered character on screen. The system aids the director, enabling him/her to immediately see the results of the actors work, while the actor can hone his/her performance by getting into the virtual skin of the character.

Naturally, ILM's technology is bigger and better than anything you can do at home. But creative technology has a habit of quickly being democratized and made available to anyone who cares to use it. So what can a small company or individual do with facial recognition on an ordinary PC or Mac?

In June 2015 Adobe revealed it's first preview of Character Animator, a software package that can take Photoshop and Illustrator layered character designs a…