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How To Avoid Copyright Infringement On YouTube

Imagine how you would feel if you discovered someone had stolen your iPad and showed it off to everyone claiming it was their own. I bet you would be annoyed and upset, well that is exactly how I felt when I realised someone had stolen one of my videos and uploaded it to their own YouTube channel.

In 2007 I created a video and uploaded it to my Metacafe channel, (Metacafe is a video sharing site), but in June 2013 I found my video on YouTube. At first I was surprised, I had never uploaded it to YouTube and I had never given anyone else permission to use my content. My surprise turned to anger when I realised at least six people had copied my video and generated a total of
1.3 million views on YouTube.

The real point is the unauthorised copying of anyone's work is theft. There is a common misconception that content available on the Internet is free to copy and re-use, but most of the time this is not true. The internet is just like the regular world where copyright protects the crea…