5 Great Tips For Your New Business


Tony Couch from isCompliant is a former Business Gateway business advisor who has helped many people who wanted to know how to start a business but needed top notch business advice. Tony knows only too well how many of those small business ideas fail within the first few years of starting so he agreed to share his insights on how individuals starting a business can plan for long term success by putting quality at the heart of their small business ideas.
One. Apply the concept of “excellence and free from defects” to your small business ideas. Gain the customer satisfaction, trust and enhanced reputation that will follow. Enjoy the confidence that repeat business brings, relish recognition for quality and benefit from the rewards. Put simply - Strive to deliver the best product or service for your customer that you can.

Two. Let customer focus drive your small business. Demonstrate regular improvements by using your awareness of your client’s requirements, developments in technology and trends in the market to work out ways, no matter how small, to regularly have something new to say or offer – things like an update to your website, running a competition, boosting security or improving response times.
Three. Involve your customers and staff. Customers today expect your product or service to meet their expectations and will soon let you know when it doesn’t. Your reputation will be gained – and better remembered – not only by your product or service, but more as a result of the actions and behaviours you and your staff use. What you do is important, yes – but the way you do it is what will stand out and be remembered. Build your reputation on this approach and seek feedback for new inspiration.

Four. Achieve Recognition – again not just for your product or service. Try doing something meaningful in your community, achieving an award or being genuinely certified through an approved international quality standard are great ways of demonstrating your professionalism. So many businesses have prospered on the back of such recognition.
Five. Enhance your reputation to aid promotion and sales – Be bold but not brash. Developing your reputation will only generate the rewards you deserve if you do things that remind people of your successes and achievements. Using websites, videos, blogs, networking and social media are great ways to share feedback and testimonials to underpin your professionalism and get your quality message across.

So now you know how to start a business with the aim of long term success.

Here is some good advice from the UK Government on starting a business: https://www.gov.uk/starting-up-a-business/start-with-an-idea

For tips on starting a business see this article by Peter Day on the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16595152
For more guides on just about every aspect of how to start a business check out the Business Scotland website: http://business.scotland.gov.uk/topic/starting-up-a-business
For access to free business advice and free business start-up courses near you contact Business Gateway: http://www.bgateway.com/

For useful information on funding for anyone considering starting a business here is some good information from the Scottish Government: http://business.scotland.gov.uk/view/guide/support-for-start-ups#overview

For more top tips for small business visit the Tosh Lubek Channel on YouTube, where you can also leave a comment and subscribe.

You can view the video Starting a Business and Want to Know How To Start a Business and launch your Business Ideas? Here: http://youtu.be/tj4_mU7xHHs


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