Video Production Ayrshire

Video Production Ayrshire

For video production in Ayrshire, Ayrshire, Glasgow, and Lanarkshire call Tosh Lubek Productions on
01292 570823 and ask for Tosh. Alternatively vist the website.
Tosh Lubek Productions is an Ayrshire based commercial video production company that recently worked
with Jill Simpson from Deva Training from Kilmarnock. Once the videos were completed and uploaded to
YouTube and other social media sites Jill offered to record a video testimonial for Tosh Lubek.

Jill said, “I did three videos with Tosh as part of the 5TopTips for small business series. I think what might
have stopped me had I been  buying the service was not so much a lack of confidence – presenting is,
after all my thing – rather my concern that the actual process would be a complicated and expensive one.

In fact, that wasn’t the case at all. Tosh came to my office, found a suitable place for me to stand and
made the whole thing very simple. The resulting videos looked great, and the feedback I get about them
is always positive.

There were a few things I liked; Tosh took the trouble to find out about my business, and put together a
draft script using my website, LinkedIn profile and so on. That gave me a starter for 10 instead of a blank
sheet of paper.  He gave me clear guidance about how the talk should be structured and how long it
should be to keep people’s attention and get the DEVA message across.

Tosh is very experienced and knowledgeable but he makes you feel completely at ease, which is
important when you’re talking about your business in front of the camera.

The autocue which he set up made it easy for me to speak to camera and not lose my place. 

Tosh placed the videos on YouTube and gave us the links to use wherever we wanted to. He also
publicised them through his own website and social media. There’s no question that having these has
provided DEVA with better exposure in the right places for our business.

I certainly would recommend Tosh Lubek. The mini videos I did with him were relatively straightforward,
I would imagine, but given his track record, I’d have no hesitation in recommending him for far more
complex work.

A lot of people might dread doing this, but video is such a powerful tool.  In every business, customers
like to put a personality to a product or service. If you’re thinking about it, I would say have a chat with
Tosh and go for it!”

Thank you Jill for a superb testimonial, it is much appreciated.
Jill’s testimonial was freely given and NOT part of any exchange of money, goods or services. If you
wish to confirm the testimonial is accurate Jill Simpson can be contacted through her website.

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For advice on getting useful testimonials from your clients see The Secret Life of Testimonials by
Sean D’Souza, you can find details here

The video: Commercial video production in Ayrshire and Glasgow by Tosh Lubek Productions,
Deva Training Testimonial can be seen here.

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