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Today I welcome Magda Tomaszewska to my blog. Magda is the owner of CV World in Stirling and is a Certified Professional CV Writer and Career Coach. She specialises in guiding people to build careers they really want and deserve. As part of her service Magda provides job interview tips, advises on interview questions and answers and how you should handle those job interview questions. So before you send your next job application listen to Magda’s 5 Top Tips on how to have a successful interview.
Tip number one. Present the best of you. Remember the first impression is a lasting impression. Look smart, professional and do something that puts you in a great mood before your interview. Be confident, positive, motivated and smile.

Tip number two. Mind your body language. 55 percent of your communication is your body language. Remember to use open gestures, maintain eye contact and build rapport with your interviewer. Come across as someone they would want to work with.

Tip number three. Put the right message across. What would you like your interviewer to know about you? This is a perfect opportunity for you to convey that message. If you focus on it, you will create a strong image of you and your value to your potential employer.

Tip number four. Research the company. They will ask you how much you know about them. Regardless of your position, it is vital to know what they do or make, how long they have been around, their culture, goals and future plans. Also, anything positive which is in the public domain will be a great material for your interview.

Tip number five. Prepare a list of smart questions. The question you can be sure to expect is: do you have any questions to us? Here is another opportunity for you to show your real interest in the job and the company. Impress your interviewer by asking a well-researched question about their organisation. Another good idea is to ask about the results they expect of you.

For some further great job interview tips have a look at the Guardian Jobs site 

If that isn't enough for you, another good source of information is the National Careers Service website. As Magda Tomaszewska indicated you need to prepare for your interview and since some questions come up time and again – usually about you, your experience and the job you are applying for - there is no excuse not to be prepared. To see a fairly comprehensive list of the 10 most common questions you can expect follow this link to the National Careers Service.

For more top tips for small business visit the Tosh Lubek Channel on YouTube, where you can also leave a comment and subscribe.


You can see the video Interview Tips - Your Job Interview Questions Answered and Interview Techniques on YouTube here http://youtu.be/i7014W-m1Vg

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