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Online Business Success Tips from SEO Expert Mike Berry aka Dynamic Mike

Online Business Success Tips from SEO Expert Mike Berry aka DynamicMike, owner of http://DIY-web-expert.com and http://1st-page-ranking.com/


Use Opt-ins to get your visitors contact details 

Always have a reason to grab the details of the visitors to your website. Most websites do not have any reason to get those details and that is a wasted opportunity. I can give you a quick example of what I mean. One of my friends was actually paying Google Ads to be found and he was getting 30,000 hits a day but he did not have an opt-in but he was converting one percent of those visitors into sales. So he was getting about 300 sales a day, which he was very delighted with, but that meant he had 29,700 visitors per day who had no idea who they were or how to communicate with them. That was a wasted opportunity. So rather than spending more money with Google Ads he could offer his visitors something that would give them a reason to leave their contact details. That way he could contact them again with other offers, products or services that they may be interested in. So give your website visitors something for nothing that allows you to get their contact details and build your list. Do that and you will immediately be ahead of most small businesses because they usually fail to do that.

Make your site mobile friendly

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. These days most people have got smart phones and if your site is not mobile friendly a significant proportion of your potential customers will not have a good experience on your website. Moreover, if your site is not mobile friendly along the lines of Googles Mobile Optimization Guidelines you probably will see a drop in your ranking when people search for your keywords. Also make sure your site loads quickly on mobile devices otherwise it is likely to incur a speed penalty in the future, as Google’s Matt Cutts has pointed out.

So mobile friendly means a responsive design and fast page loading speeds. If you want to check your site’s mobile friendliness try Google’s Mobile Friendly Test, just enter your URL and click the Analyze button.

Put video on your website 

Use video on your website. Video is a fantastic concept these days and it’s going to get bigger and bigger as well. In terms of search engine optimisation Google is paying attention to video and giving “brownie points” for having video footage on a webpage. A web page with video will rank higher than the same page without video so incorporating video is a no-brainer.

Don't overdo Social Media

Social Media, don’t ignore it but don’t waste too much time on it. There’s an awful lot of easy ways to waste time on social media but that’s old fashioned now. The number of Facebook likes and the number of Twitter followers you have is irrelevant in today’s world. We used to say turnover is vanity and profit sanity, well having Facebook likes and Twitter followers is vanity. If you think about how many things you liked on Facebook in the last week versus how many things you actually purchased as a result you’ll see what I’m talking about. So use social media but don’t waste too much time on it.

Get a Mentor

Don’t waste your time trying to figure everything out for yourself. Turn to someone that has experience. Regardless of what your business is find someone who has been there, done that and can prove it to mentor you and set a direction for your business. The amount of time you will save and the mistakes you’ll avoid is worth spending some money to get the shortcut to where you want your business to be. Alternatively pay attention to what other people are doing that works and follow them. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel to win online business success.   

For useful information on how to start a business online see this article on the Entrepreneur website.
If you’re stuck for ideas for your online business see what a 16 year old managed to achieve in just three years.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

5 Great Tips To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Today I have invited Jill Simpson from DEVA Training in Kilmarnock Scotland to share her 5 Top Tips on Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking Tips.

There are only a few certainties in life and taxes are probably way up there at the top of the list but not far behind must be the realisation that at some point in business you will have to present something. It could be that you will need to convey your ideas to colleagues in a management meeting, present your business plan to your bank or a potential investor, or pitch for new business. Whatever the situation here are Jill’s 5 Top Tips to help make your presentation fly.


Tip One. Preparation is everything. Don’t leave it to the night before because come the presentation you’ll neither do yourself nor your business justice. If you were an actor, singer or band you wouldn’t go stage unprepared:  that way madness lies. Structure your talk well, and practise it out loud – to the dog, if you must – but preferably to your webcam so that you can see and hear for yourself what needs to be changed.

Tip Two. Consider your audience. One size doesn’t fit all – the principles of marketing apply here as anywhere else. Instead of, “what am I going to say?” you should be asking: what do they want to know? If your content is relevant to your listeners, they will pay attention; if it’s not, they won’t.

Tip Three. Consider your message and the purpose of your talk. Are you selling a product, building awareness of your expertise, or trying to impress your peers? If you aren’t clear about your message from the outset, your audience certainly won’t be. Present your message from an angle that really interests your audience. And remember, don’t give too much away: leave them wanting more.

Tip Four. Less really is more. You’re the expert and you have a library of knowledge at your fingertips, but the experienced communicator is selective with what she shares. Make every point carry weight with your audience: a memorable five minute talk is worth so much more than twenty minutes of boring detail. Check every point you make against its relevance to the listener and its place within your key purpose.

Tip Five. Be yourself. Your audience has come to see you not dozens of PowerPoint slides or the back of your head as you fumble at your laptop. Find your voice and your personality as you present material that you know to be engaging and relevant to your audience. You’ve practised your presentation. Remember to speak slowly -more slowly than in a normal conversation, and pause to allow the audience to take in what you’ve said. Remember to smile and share your enthusiasm for your subject. And finally, enjoy yourself:  your audience will appreciate it and learn more because of it.

So whether you will be making a Powerpoint presentation, presenting to business people or doing a bit of public speaking I hope these presentation ideas and tips were of use.

For a guide to presentations (amongst many other subjects) from the University of Hull click here. or for more effective presentation skill follow this link.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How To Fit The Wabco Compressor Repair Kit From Bagpipingandy

Repair kits for the WABCO Air Suspension Compressor are available for the various models affected. To purchase the kit for your model click the link next to your model in the list below to be taken to the appropriate UK or USA ebay listing. For background info on the kits and fitting instructions scroll further down. 

See all listings in Bagpiping Andy's Kirbie Engineering USA and UK ebay store

Bagpiping Andy's repair kit
Background information

If you are experiencing excessive noise from your vehicle's air suspension compressor, a reduced rate of rise or even failure to rise then the trouble is probably due to wear of the compressor's piston ring. If this is the case Bagpiping Andy's repair kit can help you. Tens of thousands of these kits for the Arnott-Wabco air compressors have been sold worldwide, correcting the problem and saving the vehicle owner hundreds of dollars.  

In the past replacement parts were not available leaving car owners with the expensive solution of replacing the whole compressor.

Fortunately Bagpiping Andy's repair kit is a cheap solution costing £25 in the UK or $41 in the USA. You no longer need to buy a brand new compressor and the video guides further down the page will show you how simple it is to repair your air suspension compressor.

The repair kit is available on ebay through the links below, choose the UK or USA listings for your vehicle. If you require guidance on replacing the worn piston ring or would like to see how simple the repair / refurbishment is please watch the video repair kit fitting guides below.

What you get in the kit

1x Precision machined PTFE piston ring.
2x O-Rings.
2x Cap screws with thread-lock pre-applied. 
1x Set of plastic cable ties.
1x Printed instruction manual.
1x M6 tap for cleaning bolt threads.

Tools required
T30 Torx bit
Cable snips
5mm allen key
Clean cloth
Compressed air (optional)

Repair Kit Video Fitting Guides
We have two video guides showing how to fit Bagpiping Andy’s Wabco Air Suspension Compressor repair kit, choose the video for your car model.

Video 1 - Replacement of the piston ring seal in the air suspension compressor fitted in following models:

  • Audi allroad
  • Audi A8, Audi Q7
  • Landrover Discovery 2
  • Jaguar XJ series
  • Mercedes S & C-Class
  • VW Touareg
  • Porsche Cayenne.


Video 2 - Replacement of the piston ring seal in the air suspension compressor fitted in following models:

  • BMW X5 & 5 Series
  • Range Rover L322 MK 3


Fitting procedure summary

  1. First remove the compressor from the car. Click here for removal details for your model.
  2. Clean the area to be stripped, to prevent debris falling into the unit. Then remove the plastic air intake hose by pulling gently on the pipe while pushing the collar inwards, leaving the T-piece attached to the compressor.
  3. If a temperature sensor is fitted note the position on one of the torx bolts then remove the two Torx bolts.
  4. Lift the compressor assemby off the motor, using gentle leverage if required. Note the position of the O-ring seal.
  5. Note the orientation of the old piston ring in relation to the tube like timing pin.
  6. Remove the old piston ring by stretching it over the top of the piston.
  7. Using the new bolts, clean the 2x threaded bolt holes which hold the cylinder on. Use the M6 x 1.0 pitch tap or use the old bolts to remove any corrosion in the threaded hole. The pre-applied thread lock on the new bolts requires a good quality M6 thread.
  8. Fit new piston ring by stretching it over the piston, making sure it is in its correct orientation fitting around the small timing pin, the pin should be visible and the ring should be free to move slightly.
  9. Thoroughly clean any dirt from mating surfaces and cylinder bore then refit the cylinder over the piston and motor, ensuring the rubber O-ring seal is fitted correctly. Use only 1 O-ring, whichever one is compatible. 
  10. Refit usingb the 2 new bolts provided. If required refit the temperature sensor back on the same bolt position it was removed from. DO NOT over tighten these bolts. The recommended tightening torque is 9Nm.
  11. Refit back on to the vehicle. Follow the compressor removal steps in reverse. Use the cable ties to tidy cables in place.
NOTE: You should notice a difference straight away in the performance of the compressor.

The repair kit story

To hear a little about how Bagpiping Andy's repair kit came about and about how Tosh Lubek Productions helped Andy Fulton watch the video below.

In this video Andy Fulton, aka Bagpiping Andy, explains how he had a problem with his Audi Allroad's Wabco air suspension and how that got him thinking about a solution to fix the faulty compressor. The usual car dealership solution was to replace the whole compressor, which could cost several hundred pounds or dollars, but Andy realised that the problem was likely to be a worn part in the compressor.

Being an engineering professional in the aerospace industry Andy had all the necessary experience and tools to help him investigate what was at the heart of the problem. He naturally assumed that a moving part would be to blame and his first suspect was the piston ring seal. Upon dis-assembly of his car's air suspension compressor his suspicions proved correct, the piston ring seal showed signs of significant wear.

Like many people who are passionate about their work Andy's engineering career is a reflection of his hobby, so in his garage you will find a Colchester lathe with 4-jaw chuck, an Alexander universal milling machine, raw material store, tools of every description and testing facilities. It is here that Andy developed his prototype replacement piston rings that successfully fixed his air suspension compressor.

What started as an attempt to save on a repair bill lead to Andy offering his replacement piston rings to members of the Audi AllroadFAQ Forums, who were impressed. Word spread and requests began to flood in for a piston repair kit. Although Andy was able to supply a small number of kits it soon became apparent that if he was to satisfy demand he would need to out source some of the basic work and only do the the final manufacturing himself. He bought in other parts like replacement  bolts, O-rings and cable ties and so the air suspension compressor repair kit was born.

Andy started selling the kit on ebay in the UK but soon found there was worldwide interest in his repair kit. He now sells it on 10 national ebay platforms and has a distributor in North America. What started as a garage project for his own Audi Allroad developed into a part time hobby business and now is virtually a full time job.

The only problem Andy had was dealing with the number of customer service calls. Despite having printed instructions less experienced customers were fitting the kit incorrectly and Andy saw that he needed a video guide to demonstrate how to fit the piston ring. Andy turned to Tosh Lubek Productions for the video and after a successful shoot in Andy's kitchen and garage he had two video guides for use on his website and ebay listings. The videos not only helped buyers fit the piston ring correctly (Andy saw a dramatic fall in customer service calls) but they also helped boost sales by 150-200%. By showing how easy it was to fit the replacement piston ring viewers gained the confidence to buy and do the job themselves. Furthermore, main car dealerships saw that the kit was a serious product and began to buy in order to refurnish their customer's Wabco air compressors.   

Andy Fulton (aka Bagpiping Andy), the seller of the repair kit can be contacted by email or phone. Mobile: +44 (0)7767838330     E-mail: andy_fulton1@hotmail.com

Please note the above ebay links are affiliate links and I may earn a small amount if you purchase Bagpiping Andy's repair kit.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How To Stop Nuisance Calls With The BT Call Blocker BT8500

Wouldn't it be great if you could block all the nuisance calls?

You can with the BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker with BT Call Guardian that is powered by True Call technology. If you are in the UK and want to stop those nuisance calls you can get your through Amazon below but tif you want more details about the BT 8500 read on.

If you are in America the CPR Call Blocker is the number one Best Seller on Amazon.com and does an equally good job of blocking Telemarketer Calls, Solicitor Calls, Junk Faxes - Block All Robo Calls. Click Amazon link belowfor more details.

Watch my review video of this superb digital cordless phone that saved me from having to talk to 3 or 4 nuisance callers every day. It's based on my real world experience of buying and using the phone. I was not given the phone for review purposes and I am entirely independent of both BT and Amazon (two sources of the phone).   

If you would rather read about the features and operation of the
BT 8500 phone as well as where you can buy the phone you can scroll down the page.

I used to get 3 or 4 calls a day from companies, call centres and scammers every day. They were wasting my time and getting me annoyed. However I now know how to block a number and how to stop nuisance calls. All those telemarketing calls and scammers don’t get through any more but everyone I want to speak to do thanks to my new phone.

It is a digital cordless phone with answer machine that is suitable for domestic and home/small office use and plugs into a standard telephone socket. It is claimed to be the first home phone guaranteed to block up to 100% of nuisance calls. The built in Call Guardian technology screens and blocks unwanted calls and acts as a nuisance call blocker. In the two weeks I have been using the phone I have not received a single unwanted call while all my family, friends and customers have all got through.

Basically this is what happens:
  • Your saved contacts get straight through
  • Blocked numbers won't get through
  • Call Guardian handles the rest

Enable Caller Display or Caller ID

One thing you need to know is if you want to get the maximum benefit from your BT Call Guardian you need Caller Display or Caller ID enabled on your line. Depending on your phone service provider and contract the feature maybe free or cost two or three pounds a month.

Having Caller Display allows Call Guardian to recognise your contacts - they get through automatically - while callers on your blocked number list and any caller who withholds their number or has an international number will not trouble you. Callers on your blocked list will hear a message that says, “Calls to this number are being screened by BT all Guardian, the person you are calling is not accepting your call. Please hang up”. All that happens in the background, the phone does not ring and you do not get disturbed.

In normal operation, with Caller Display enabled, any calls from numbers in your contacts, allowed and VIP lists will cause the phone ring normally, just like any ordinary phone. If the caller's number is not in any or your lists Call Guardian asks the caller to announce their name and puts them on hold. The phone rings, you answer and hear the caller's name announced, without having to speak to the caller. You then can choose what happens next.
  • Press 1 to accept the call this one time
  • Press 2 to always accept the call
  • Press 3 to block the call
  • Press 4 to send the call to the answer machine
  • Or press the red button to hang up if you don’t want to take the call at this time

Take a look at BT's short video then read on about my real world experience of using the BT8500. 

Telephone Features
  • Digital cordless phone.
  • Block upto 1000 numbers so you will probably never have to take another nuisance call.
  • A 200 name memory for contacts.
  • Backlit keypad.
  • Send and receive text messages.
  • Alarm mode to wake you in the morning.
  • Answer phone with remote access.
  • Three way call functionality
  • Call divert.
  • Do not disturb mode.
  • Up to 9 speed dial numbers.
  • Make internal calls between handsets in different rooms.
  • Cordless handset with long range reception (up to 300m outdoors, 50m indoors).
  • Outgoing call control.
  • Up to 21 hours talking and 240 hours on standby.

Available Packs

The B8500 Advanced Call Blocker is available as a single handset or multi handset packs to suit your specific needs. The multipacks include the twin, trio, quad and even five handset pack. All the handsets are preregistered so setup will be simple.

If you initially buy a smaller pack and then decide you need further handsets that is no problem, you can add handsets if necessary. Additional handsets cost about £20 and obviously do not come pre-registered, you will have to do this manually but the instruction booklet guides you through the process. 

BT8500 available as single, twin, trio, quad or even 5 handset packs

Batteries Included

The BT8500 uses 2x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries (included). 
Each handset runs on 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, which are supplied along with the phone. BT suggest the included 750mAh batteries will give up to 21 hours of talk time or 240 hours on standby. I certainly have had no problems with battery power, even after having accidentally left the handset overnight on my desk instead of the charging base. The handset performed without any problems next day (during work hours the handset sits on my desk and not on the charging base).

My previous phone was a BT Hudson 1500 which also used rechargeable AAA batteries but of lower capacity. After three years use the battery performance had degraded to the point where they needed replacing. I found inexpensive Lloytron AAA 900mAh NIMH batteries on Amazon which were of a higher capacity than the originals and gave improved performance. For even higher capacity batteries, but still intended for cordless phones, you could also try Palocell AAA 1100mAh Rechargeable NIMH batteries. No doubt I will be doing the same with the BT8500 once the original batteries need replacing.



Although I’ve only been using the BT 8500 for about two weeks I have found it to be excellent. It does everything it claims to do but with one proviso, you must have Caller Display or Caller ID enabled on your line otherwise you will be screening every incoming call.
With BT Call Guardian engaged you probably won’t even be aware a nuisance call has come in because the phone will deal with blocked numbers, caller withheld numbers and international calls without ringing. Because of the number of nuisance calls I was receiving I began taking a note of incoming numbers using BT's 1471 call feature so when I set up the BT8500 I was able to add all those numbers to the blocked call list. If you do not do the same you will merely have to go through the Call Guardian screening process and add calls to your blocked list as they come in. You can also block a call as soon as it comes in by pressing the onscreen button or even later on by going through your calls list and selecting numbers you wish to block. In my experience the system works really well.  

If you are a bit nervous about whether the BT 8500 will deal with your calls correctly you can leave one of your old phones plugged in. When a call comes in your old phone will ring first, if it cuts off after one or two rings you know Call Guardian has blocked the call. If you check your BT8500 handset display you will see confirmation that a call has been blocked.
As far as price is concerned the BT8500 is well priced considering all the features. When I wrote this the single was about £40, the twin £50, the trio £70 and the quad £90.

If you are suffering from nuisance or scam calls I would recommend getting the BT8500 advanced Call Blocker. It is an elegant looking digital cordless phone that has all the features you are likely to need, it is easy to setup and operate, and has the call blocker technology built in rather than an external plug-in unit.

My rating:(5/5)
Amazon rating:  (4.6/5) 964 ratings with over 90% at 4 and 5 stars
Amazon #1 Best Seller in DECT Phones with Answerphone  

Please note this post contains affiliate links. The above review is genuine and is based on my own purchase and experience of the BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker. I am independent of both BT and Amazon.