5 Great Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

Today I have invited Graham Innes of Creation Social Media in Perth to give his five top Social Media Tips for businesses to use in their Social Media Strategy.

Tip number one is all about making sure that your first impressions are right on any single social media channel you use for your social marketing. Make sure your cover picture is optimised or any other image space you have is optimised. Then it is important you engage on social media because many people set up lovely platforms but then forget to talk to people, so make sure you engage.

Tip number two is all about having a GMAIL account. If you have a GMAIL account remember it gives you accesses to both YouTube and Google+. It is important because both YouTube and Google+ give huge advantages to search engine rankings for social media on the internet. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet and if you can populate that channel with a slideshow and a description of your business it gives you a great chance to be found on additional platforms. The same applies to Google+. People shy away from Google+ because they see it as the platform that is never used very much in the UK. However you should populate it with content and once done you don’t have to go to it very often.

Tip number three is look at how you use Twitter. Twitter’s search capabilities are now astonishing and Twitter is now the third largest search engine on the internet. That means there are hundreds and thousands of people out there at this moment looking for content on Twitter who don’t even have a Twitter account, and it could be conversations about your type of business that you need to get people to talk about. So Tweeting on Twitter isn’t the most important thing, it could be about searching on Twitter. Then there’s image on Twitter. Don’t be scared to put out images on Twitter because it helps to draw attention to your tweet and increases the number of favourites and retweets. And do not forget you can attach up to four images per tweet.

Tip number four is look at your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn have spent a fortune on how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile by optimising it with images and with content. LinkedIn Publisher is a new facility LinkedIn has brought in that allows you to post the equivalent of a mini-blog on LinkedIn. If you go to put a status update out you’ll see access to the Publisher platform from that status update box. When you go into the Publisher platform write a short post of 200 – 300 words, post it out and it will go into the inbox of all your connections so they will be notified that you have published a post. It’s a great way to engage and a great way to keep people up to date.

Tip number five goes back to the old favourite, Facebook.  Facebook has made enormous changes through the last 12 months but one thing they haven’t changed is the ability for you to showcase a huge cover image on your business facebook page. The one thing people do not do is they don’t put a description behind that cover image and therefore they are taking away the opportunity for people to find more about their business just by hovering over the cover image. So if you go to your cover image and change it make sure you put a description behind it because if you don’t you’re just taking away that additional advantage for search engines to find out more about your business. 

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