How DVD Business Cards Can Bring Concrete Results

Tosh Lubek, Paul Harrison & Dianne Harrison
MJ Harrison Supplies, the sole Scottish distributor of Moore Concrete Products, regularly exhibits at trade shows including the Royal Highland show but as Paul Harrison told Tosh Lubek, "Who wants to carry your bulky printed brochure all day but a business card alone offers limited information about us". At Tosh Lubek Productions we suggested an alternative, the DVD Video Business Card.

Left to right: Tosh Lubek, Paul Harrison and Dianne Harrison

The DVD Video Business Card is the size of a credit card so it can easily be slipped into a pocket. Like a normal business card it can be printed with your logo and contact information but it can also include a promotional video about your business and pdf files of your company brochure or leaflets. It not only conveys more information than the traditional cardboard version but it also has a better chance of remaining on someone's desk because of its usefulness and novelty value. It is also flexible, with the video content being playable on a laptop/pc or a conventional DVD player.

Video is a great way to make a statement about your company. People can get an idea of who you are and that starts to build a relationship and there's nothing more important in business than good relationships with your customers. Although both Paul and Dianne appear in their video it also features testimonials from their customers. As Dianne says, "They tell their story about working with MJ Harrison Supplies and when someone sees a real person talking about your business they can instantly tell that your client is being sincere. The effect is much more powerful than just reading a customer's testimonial." Dianne also appreciated the versatility of their promotional video produced by Tosh Lubek, "Not only is it on the DVD Video Business Card but we could also show it on a TV display at our trade stand plus we can put it on our website."

Video DVD business card
 The DVD Video Business Card is a perfect way for MJ Harrison Supplies to economically provide their customers with the information they require. "We supply pre-stressed concrete products to agricultural, construction and industrial customers", said Paul Harrison, "And because our brochure leaflets are on the DVD our customers can view and then print the ones they need. That saves on our printing costs and is environmentally beneficial because it cuts down on total paper use." Reduced postage is a further saving. Being small and light the DVD Video Business Card can be mailed at the letter rate rather than as a large letter or package.

All in all, the DVD Video Business Card offers many benefits over the traditional alternative.

Tosh Lubek image ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tosh Lubek is an award winning writer/producer and founder of Tosh Lubek Productions, a company based in the West of Scotland that creates website videos and radio advertising for clients across the UK and Ireland.

Tosh Lubek can be contacted on 01292 570823 or through his website

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