Tosh Lubek Productions celebrates 3 years in business by adding TV commercial production to its range of services

Tosh Lubek Productions, based just outside of Ayr, recently passed the significant milestone of being in business for three years and celebrated by adding TV commercial production to the list of services it offers.

Tosh Lubek Productions was established in May 2010 to offer a radio commercial production service to advertisers and broadcasters across the UK. Tosh Lubek said, "I was confident I had the creative skills clients were looking for since I had 28 years experience in professional broadcasting and had won several prestigious national and international awards as a writer and producer ". During the last three years Tosh Lubek Productions has gradually added more media services to satisfy customer demands, as Tosh Lubek said, "Within a few months of starting the business my clients began asking for promotional videos for their websites or web video. Since I had experience of video production at Aberdeen Cable TV it was a demand I was easily able to satisfy".

With web video firmly established as part of the company's portfolio it was not long before the production of in-store TV advertising was added to the list of services. Tosh Lubek said, "in-store TV advertising works well for my clients. The short videos I produce can include general information about the businesses, specific products and of course offers. TV and video are powerful media because we tend to trust the truth of what we see".

Since the introduction of in-store TV advertising the company has not stood still, it has worked on the creation of client DVDs, the sound design for a dinosaur themed visitor attraction and now television commercials. Tosh said, "For the last 18 months I have helped my clients with their TV advertising, from working on the copy and advising on the visuals to producing the voiceover and audio track. But I have now produced a complete TV commercial for Dino Park that is running on ITV Border ".

Dino Park TV commercial

David Wilson, the owner of Dino Park, called and asked if it were possible to get a TV commercial written and produced in time for the bank holiday weekend, of course the answer was yes. Fortunately Tosh had already created a couple of web videos for Dino Park so a lengthy briefing session was not necessary prior to writing a script and storyboard. Once approved the graphics could be sourced from Alba Printers, the web designers responsible for Dino Park's website, and production set in motion. The voiceover was recorded, edited and mixed with appropriate background music and sound effects. Next came the graphical elements, supplied by Alba Printers as photographs and vector files. The latter would have to be teased apart into individual elements before being imported into Photoshop so a little tweaking. Finally the sound track and graphics could be imported into Adobe After Effects, a digital motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software package, and the visuals added and animated. A few hours later the commercial was ready for approval and dispatch to ITV.

The TV commercial was created at short notice but at Tosh Lubek Productions working on such projects is not a problem, "Last minute bookings are something I got used to when working in radio", Tosh commented, "so rush jobs don't faze me, however quality can't be compromised in an effort to get the job done quickly ". As it happened David Wilson from Dino Park was very pleased with the final result and said, "the commercial looks great and thanks for the quick turn around".

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tosh Lubek is an award winning writer/producer and founder of Tosh Lubek Productions, a company based in the West of Scotland that creates website videos and radio advertising for clients across the UK and Ireland.

Tosh Lubek can be contacted on 01292 570823 or through his website


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