5 Great Tips To Grow Your Business

Today I have invited Duncan Tannahill to share his 5TopTips on Business Management techniques to help grow and develop your business. You can either watch the video or skip ahead and read the post.

When it comes to helping your business grow and develop there are a number of things that you should be addressing.

Have a plan
You must plan and set out clear goals for what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve the goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant to your business. Also set a timeframe for achieving those goals, if you do not you run the risk of putting off taking action until tomorrow and ultimately failing to achieve your goal.

Avoid the Time-Trap
You cannot manage time but you can manage how you use time. Time is the most important resource in your business, perhaps even more important than money.  Tasks you undertake have two dimensions, namely, importance and urgency. The Time Trap is when you spend too much time on trivial not important / not urgent tasks rather than focus on the important / not urgent tasks. These are the ones, like planning, that will add most value to your business and are where you work on the business not in it.

Know your numbers
Simply put, know your numbers and really know your key numbers. You cannot drive a car without using the dashboard information and the numbers in your business is its dashboard. Knowing how numbers are arrived at, where to get the detail behind the numbers and what to do with the information is the key to driving the ultimate result.

Implement quality systems
No business will succeed in the long term if its quality of product or service delivery sucks.  So you must develop a quality system to ensure that your customers experience consistency of service and know what to expect. Don’t leave it to chance but rather have a clear system for the whole team to follow.

Your business compass
Know where you are going. Simply put, have a clear vision for the business that is shared with customers, staff, suppliers and so on. Sometimes this is referred to as a strap line which is fine, but have it written down and ensure everything you do is designed to drive to achieve that vision very day.

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Useful books

If you want more information on starting your own business take a look at Dragon's Den: Start Your Own Business: From Idea to Income. It's a practical guide to starting your own successful business, complete with examples and case studies from popular BBC show Dragons’ Den. The Dragons will show you how to turn your pipe dream into an income stream. This book shows you everything you need to know to:

• Create new ideas and find market niches.
• Develop a business plan to suit your lifestyle.
• Find funding from banks, investors or business angels.
• Deal with the practicalities of company registration, corporation tax, VAT, and much more.
• Develop marketing and publicity strategies to launch your business so that it makes an impact on the market.


Also recommended is Your 60 Minute Business Transformation by Martin Robertson. In this small book Martin shares a great deal of his knowledge. Do you: • Work longer hours than you want to? • Take fewer holidays than your employees? • Want to earn more? • Have sleepless nights because of the business? • Want tips on how to run your business more efficiently and effectively? Martin has been there and done it. He gives many examples of how he got it wrong in his first fourteen years of business, and what he learnt from it. He gives numerous tips on how to avoid making the same mistakes and transform your business from being mediocre to fulfilling and inspiring.

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